Constitution Day Commemoration

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Monday, September 17, 2012, 1:30 PM
Idaho State Capitol Building


Bells Across America

Monday September 17, 2012 is Constitution Day

commemorating 225 years of our U.S. Constitution

Idaho State Capitol, Boise

1:30 ~ 2:30 PM Outside South Steps

BEN FRANKLIN has reserved the South Steps of the Capitol from 1:30PM to 2:30PM to talk about the Constitution and be a part of the Bells Across America. Bells will be rung in Philadelphia at 4PM and in Boise at 2PM. Ben Franklin will ring the Liberty Bell replica in front of the Capitol for one minute along with many of the Boise Metro area churches!!!

Betsy Ross, Davy Crockett, Patrick Henry and others will be attending.

Here is the revised Agenda :


Jerry Neisinger will play and sing for us from 1:15-1:30


At 1:30, Ben Franklin will introduce the program and give a 30 second Prayer


Introduction of Emcee, Tom Munds who will lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance


Idaho Supreme Court Justice, Daniel Eismann


Reading of the Proclamation and speech by Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter


Paul Venable of The Constitution Party of Idaho


Ringing of the Liberty Bell replica & Bells Across America


Lori Shewmaker of Idahoans For Liberty


Chad Inman of Tea Party Boise


Val Candelaria of the 9-12 Project


Ted Dunlap, Constitutional Sheriff


Patrick Henry (Jack Stuart)



A Note from Benjamin Franklin: This event is of the utmost importance due to the very real threats against our freedom. We can honor the Constitution, we can stand united against tyranny. I cannot do this without you.

Contact: 208-642-9207

Meeting with Superintentent of Public Instruction Tom Luna

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012, 7:00 PM

One of the the great things about being a Precinct Committeeman is that you get to call precinct meetings wherein you can summon your elected officials, and they might actually show up!


Please support one of our pro-liberty Republican Precinct Committeemen, Daniel Malloy, by attending his precinct meeting, featuring Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Luna.


Luna will be explaining the controversial “Students Come First” plan, which he successfully got enacted into law.  The teachers’ unions, however, are strongly opposed to this legislation, and have managed to collect enough signatures to put a referendum on the November ballot.  Now, all Idaho voters will have the opportunity to decide if they want to keep these laws on the books.


How will you vote?  Do you know enough about the issue?  Are the teachers’ unions correct, or are they a government monopoly threatened by any reform whatsoever?  Come hear the Superintendent explain the laws and what he’s trying to accomplish.


Fuddruckers • 3421 N. Eagle Rd • Meridian, ID 83646 Located on the West side of Eagle Rd between Ustick and McMillan

If you come early and let the restaurant staff know you are attending the meeting, you will receive a 10 % discount on food Items.


Hosted by Ada Precinct 2006 Committeeman Daniel Malloy.

Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson TODAY in Boise

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Monday, August 6, 2012, 4:30 PM
Boise Airport

Time is short so please help spread the word so we can turn out as many people as possible. Here’s the itinerary:

-4:30PM — Welcome Gary at the Boise Airport. We will meet at the top of the escalator over to the left where passengers walk out of the concourse area. I expect to have Gary Johnson yard signs available for waving — please feel free to create your own signs as well! More is better.

-5:00 or 5:15 leave the airport and travel to the Old Spaghetti Factory at 610 W. Idaho for the meet & greet/dinner:

<a href="

Gary has a scheduled stop for a media interview before re-joining the group at the restaurant.

The restaurant has reserved a room for us as well as making their patio area available, depending on how many people attend and the temperature Monday evening! This is ‘no-host’ event (each person/group pays for their own food and drink) and everyone is strongly encouraged to order a meal.

[We have the same sort of arrangement with the Old Spaghetti Factory as we do with our Brunch restaurant: They provide their facilities to us with the expectation that most of our participants will order dinner and be "paying customers" -- please help us live up our side of the arrangement and fufill the spirit of TANSTAFFL by enjoying a nice plate of something from their menu. ]

Depending on how many people participate, this could be an excellent opportunity for us to interact face-to-face with our presidential candidate! I met and talked to Gary at the Libertarian National Convention in May and he is very easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and would be terrific as our next president.

Please forward this message to anyone who might be interested in joining us Monday afternoon. Also share this information on Facebook, even if you cannot attend, we need to get the info to others who may decide to go.

If you do plan to attend have have not yet RSVP’d, please send me an email so we can have a rough idea of how many people will be at the restaurant:

Thanks! Hope to see you Monday.

Rob Oates

Caldwell, Idaho

Candidate for Congress (Idaho, CD-1)

Judge Andrew Napolitano in BOISE!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012, 7:00 PM
Riverside Hotel

You are invited to the 3rd annual Idaho Freedom Celebration and Banquet July 19, featuring Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew P. Napolitano and Melaleuca president and CEO Frank VanderSloot.

For more information, contact, or (208) 258-2280.

To register for the event, click the link provided:​event/3497967515

US Constitution Seminar

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Saturday, July 14, 2012, 9:00 AM
Payette High School

This Saturday, the US constitution seminar with Idaho Supreme court Justice Daniel Eismann at Payette High school,

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

from 9am-3pm.

1500 6th Ave south, Payette.

Tickets are 8.00/per person.

RSVP 208 642-9207 or email Kathy Harris.

Republican Liberty Fest

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Thursday, June 21, 2012, 7:00 PM
Banbury Hot Springs

A super night out on the banks of the Snake River. Special Speaker, Dinner and a Live Band. Listen to popular songs about the Ron Paul Campaign and others. $15.90 cover charge.

To buy an advance ticket on line please go to;

Catch a ride from down town Twin Falls at 6 pm behind the Wells Fargo Bank on Main Street. The Buses will depart at 6:30 pm Sharp.

Program will complete at 9 pm. The parking is very limited so please try to make the bus.

This event will be THE event of our generation, and will be held in honor of Dr. Paul, the Champion of the Constitution, which he has dedicated his entire life to upholding. Please come join us in the celebration! With a capacity of over 250 people, over 35 acres, 40+ camping sites, Hot Tubs, Hot Springs and six buildings with over 3000 square feet of indoor space, this will be the BIGGEST festival celebrating Liberty in the history of Idaho , BY FAR! Let the LAMEstream media try to keep US quiet!

Banbury Hot Springs, Buhl, Idaho 208-543-4098 / 1-208-409-7363 Rick Martin

$15.90 cover charge, (inc sales tax) . Send Payment to RLC Committee, P.O. BOX 422, BUHL, ID 83316-0422

Be A Ron Paul Delegate


The Idaho GOP State Convention is June 22nd, but the county and district conventions that will select state delegates are happening next week, between May 23 and May 26.

We need hundreds of Ron Paul supporters to serve as delegates to the State Convention. The basic way to become a delegate is to have a precinct committeeman nominate you, then you must be voted on by all other pc’s at one of the county or district conventions. Each county and each district will hold a convention, and you can become a delegate through either one. The full list of conventions is listed here:

Anyone can be nominated to become a delegate, so long as you live in the area you are running in. You don’t have to be a PC to run.

I will be helping to try and coordinate our delegates in Ada and Canyon County. But I could definitely use some well-organized people to help me.

Remember, these delegate battles will be tough, and potentially not everyone who wants to be a delegate will win a seat.

For Ada County, if you would like to be considered, the first step is to send an email to the county party secretary. Just send an email to, and say, “I would like to be a delegate to the state convention,” and include all your contact info. Then forward that email to Please submit your name even if you are only like 20% sure you could make it to the convention. In the email to ID4L, let us know if you are committed to attending, or if you are interested but not guaranteed to attend.

We will organize our slate of delegates and will give your names to our precinct candidates, who will have the ability to nominate you at the conventions.

The process will be the same for Canyon County, but I need to track down their secretary’s email. You can still send your info to

Remember, it costs either $50 or $75 to attend (depending on what county you live in) and you will be responsible for your own travel arrangements. but we will help coordinate to keep costs down.

So please submit your name immediately!

For Immediate Release – May 14, 2012

With the increased scrutiny and confusion regarding our efforts in Idaho’s upcoming primary election, our grassroots group of liberty activists would like to make a few remarks clarifying our intentions and the situation surrounding our precinct committeeman efforts.

First, ours is a decentralized group. No one individual can claim to speak for all of the grassroots supporters of freedom and liberty working to make a difference in Idaho. Some are very passionate about doing all they can to save our country, and want to make every effort possible within the rules to see it done; others are more limited in their ambitions and intentions.

The issue, though, is not a lack of following the rules, but rather, a strategy of following the Party rules which are already in place. These rules allow any faction or coalition to benefit from a supermajority at the convention. Some Ron Paul supporters are motivated, in part, by the State’s winner-take-all decision. They view it as unfair and contrary to the National GOP rules, which dictate that proportional delegates should instead be given. Santorum’s people had a similar concern ( ). Additionally, with over 2000 voting procedures that go into a party’s delegate selection process some believe it is morally wrong to bind any delegate based on the results of a single caucus vote because it would make the entire process meaningless.

There are provisions within the Republican Party rules that allow a supermajority to take control of the convention and reallocate delegates to the RNC as they feel appropriate. These provisions are in place so informed and involved members of the GOP can prevent the nomination of a candidate that will not perform well against an opposing party’s candidate, or to support a candidate that will most appropriately address the needs of this country. This is very much akin to Ronald Reagan’s actions in the 1970’s when competing against Gerald Ford ( ).

Regardless of whether one agrees with Ron Paul’s ideals to restore this country, it is undeniable that he has the ability to defeat Barack Obama, as evidenced in national polls. Furthermore, Ron Paul is the candidate who will have the strongest backing from the entire GOP, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Blue Republicans, Independents and other factions when running against Obama. As you’ve seen, the attendance and diversity at Ron Paul events is unparalleled. Add to that the support of the remainder of the GOP, and you have an unbeatable force.

So not only do we support Ron Paul’s platform, but we support the Republican Party’s desire to remove Obama from office and reverse the harmful actions he’s initiated while being in office.

Our efforts to secure positions at the County and State level, here in Idaho, are motivated by a desire to bring to the forefront the importance of liberty and restore the Constitution; not only nationally, but even more importantly at the local and State level. These efforts are not simply to sway the presidential election.

Every political faction tries to follow the system in place to achieve their political ends; this idea is neither new nor subversive. Our goal is solely to influence the political landscape toward the fundamental principles of individual liberty, necessary to cure our ailing republic now more than ever. We hope you’ll join us in this crucial endeavor.

Idahoans For Liberty

Ron Paulers Under Attack from the Establishment — Your Help Needed

A recent article in our local newspaper, The Idaho Statesman (read it here), describes how the Establishment GOP are plotting against and attacking the Ron Paul supporters.  We need your immediate help to ensure that liberty has a voice and fair influence over the election process.  Please click the paypal “donate” button (below) to make a generous donation to help us win our campaign races across the State of Idaho.  Monetary donations to precinct candidates do NOT fall under the Sunshine laws, hence they can be anonymous.

Thank you,
Idahoans for Liberty

Know Anyone in Benewah County?

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Thursday, May 24, 2012, 6:00 PM
Federal Building

Benewah County RED ALERT. All liberty loving Republicans are called to action TODAY. There is a re-org meeting set to occur that is operating AGAINST PARTY RULES.


This is unethical and exclusionary at best, and illegal, at worst….

NOTICE (Read statement below issued by Benewah County Republican Chairman, Pam Secord): This meeting is closed to the public. Not all Republicans, or members of the community are welcome or will be allowed to attend.

Benewah County Republican Party

Reorganization Meeting

For paid members of the

Benewah Republican Party *

May 24, 2012 6:30 PM

Federal Building Conference Room

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Prayer –

Roll Call


Sally Porter _____ Carol Harwood ___ Darrell Hindman ______

Marie Weber _____ Debbie Stogsdill _____ Russ Lowry ______

Pam Secord ______ Susan Dittman ______ Carey Grubham ______ Wayne Glassman _____ John Ferris ______

Nominations Committee — Committee Chair Carol Harwood.

Nominations of non members will not be accepted for consideration.

Membership dues will not be accepted at this meeting. Those wishing to join the Republican party can do so at the next regular meeting in July.

Election of new Officers

Election of Convention Delegates

New seated Committee set central committee Bi-annual meeting schedule


All ballots for all positions will be cast by secret ballot. (Bring your pens or pencils)

Sandi Hindman, Gail Resser and JoAnn Grove will be counting and verifying the Ballots

Only current paid Benewah County Republican Party membership and immediate family members of the newly elected precinct committeemen will be able to attend this meeting.